About Me

I grew up in the Montreal area with my boxes half-packed.  My bilingual family was led by a matriarch who loved everything about moving.  I tagged along in the process of house-hunting, listened in on the negotiations, helped somewhat in the packing and witnessed with amazement and interest as the re-modeling brought our new homes to life.  Years later, at the young age of 37,  I planned a career change.  I took an on-line test and real estate was a perfect match.  Go figure.

The selection of a location, the value of a home, and the emotions behind the decision are all important parts of the process.  Whether you are buying your dream home, or moving on from your past dreams, I have a lifetime of experience to get you through it with success and humour.  A licensed broker since 2005, I have negotiated hundreds of deals on behalf of my clients.

When not working I enjoy traveling throughout Canada, especially the Maritimes.  A sports enthusiast, I do love to swing a tennis racquet.  Look out!  As a sports fan, I occasionally watche hockey, tennis, football or any major sporting event.  Whether reading novels, watching movies with the 2 kids, 2 dogs and hubby, enjoying breakfast gossip with friends, sewing or painting,  I find time to enjoy the little (big) things.

Fun Fact:  I hate moving.  My family ironically seem to want to know what it’s like to move.  Ain’t life strange?  Oh well, when the time comes for them to invest in their own property I will steer them towards a broker they can trust to ensure a smooth transaction sure to put a smile on their lovely faces.

Special Designations: B.A.
Languages: French / Français, English / Anglais